Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Crappy day?

Everybody knows ‚these’ days. The days when you feel like nothing can lighten your mood, you are tired, stressed and you don’t even want to think about looking into a mirror. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
Well at least I certainly have and I will share some tips with you how you can pick up your looks in just a few steps.

Look after your nails. They do not have to be painted or long, keeping them shorter is actually easier to maintain, they do not peel as easily if they are a bit brittle and weak and I personally think that especially dark nailpolish looks better on short nails.
Try to file them all into a shape you like (I like my nails rounded at the edges) and use a nail buffer to make them shiny. That should not take you longer than 5 minutes. A little handcream afterwards and you are all set. However if you choose to wear nailpolish opt for neutrals for daytime. If your polish is chipping during the day it won’t be as noticeable and nude shades make your hands look very elegant and well looked after.

Have a few to-go hairstyles you can easily achieve in a short amount of time. No-one wants to spend ages on their hair if you are already in a bad mood (or a hurry). You can try the classics like a high bun (sock bun, messy bun,...endless options here) or a ponytail. Maybe a pretty headband or try creating a high pony, slide the elastic down a bit make a little ‚pocket’ above the elastic,and gather all your hair and tuck it into the ‚pocket’. That will keep your hair out of your face, it is office appropriate and it literally takes 5 mins tops to do! and if you have not had time to wash your hair dry shampoo(or baby powder) is your best friend. Just spray some on the roots, rub it in, brush out any excess and you are good to go.

Don’t go too heavy on the make-up. Look at your skin- if it does not need foundation use a tinted moisturizer or even leave it bare! Maybe a little powder if you tend to get oily during the day, concealer, mascara and tinted lipbalm and you will not have to worry about smudging or touch-ups during the day.

Look at your brows-do they need shaping? I am all for naturals brows but if there ist he odd stray hair just pluck it! And do not try to alter the shape oft hem yoursef! Leave that tot he professionals. Maintaining them can easily be done at home by yourself but any bigger changes should be done professionally to prevent tears and the urge to wear a paper bag over your head for a few weeks ;)

These few thing always help me feeling put together even if I do not feel like it on the inside. But only because you feel crappy you don’t have to look like it! It makes me feel a lot better to know I look presentable and not having to tell 26740273984 people that I am ok and feel great ( because-let’s face it- if you feel bad you will tell your friends but do not want everybody to know!)
Another thing to alway cheer me up is having something to look forward to. Before I go to bed I will always tahe a few minutes and think about the things I look forward to on the next day. Andi f I can’t find anything I will make plans for something nice. Just a small thing that makes me have happy and positive thoughts. For me this is usually taking the time to call a friend I have not seen in some time, bake a cake, paint my nails a pretty colour, treat myself to a Lush bath, cook my favourite dish for dinner or watch a nice movie in the evening. Just try to find something that makes you happy and carries you through the days that might be a little harder to face than usual.

I hope that helped some of you out there, everybody has a bad day (or week) sometimes! Life is not always all cotton candy, christmas lights and glitter even if it seems to be for everyone except yourself – believe me, it is not!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and if not I hope you can find that little something that makes you smile!


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