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Zoeva Brush Haul


Recently I went online to click through some of my favourite make-up supply websites and doing so I also had a look on Zoeva. I own quite a few Zoeva brushes and I really like them! When I had a look at the site I saw that they had released a few new and re-designed some of their old brushes and I decided to buy some because the quality is usually really nice and apart from one time which I will tell you about in a minute I am really pleased with the quality.

I got some face brushes and the 'Eye Definition' set - but see for yourself:

101 Luxe Face Designer

124 Stippling
142 Concealer Buffer
102 Silk Finish

110 Face Shape
110 Face Shape vs. 102 Silk Finish

 I have washed all of them once and so far they kept their shape very well- I am a bit worried with the Luxe Face Designer as the bristles seemed to stick out a little after washing. I will see how that turns out because it was by far the most expensive one and sadly also the only one which did  not lose its yucky plastic-y smell. I hope it will all be ok, otherwise I will try and send it back. That leads to the story I wanted to tell earlier. I already have the 125 Stippling brush in a former design (I got it about two years ago I think) but never really used it because it lost so much colour when I washed it that I did not want to put it on my face. I was a little disappointed with that and decided to email to Zoeva's customer service to tell them about my problem. They were really nice and offered to give me a free 125 Stippling with my next purchase and I could also keep the old one. I thought that was really nice but did not order anything from their site until now. I did not think that their offer would still stand but decided to ask anyway and immediately they added a free stippling brush to my order although the price had increased and the design had changed too. I think that was really extremely nice and I wanted to share that with you. I think good customer service is really nice and I have never experienced anything like this from another website!

Here are some pictures for comparison of the old and current 125 Stippling brush:

above: old 125

left: new 125 right: old 125

left: old 125, right: new 125
The new brush is definitely a lot smaller and the bristles are more dense. They also told me that the old brush was not made entirely from synthetic bristles (which the new one is) and that that is why it lost colour and what made them change the design. Apparently I was not the only one to experience problems with it :)

The last thing I got was the 'Eye Definition' set. It consists of 6 brushes which come in a little pink metallic bag which I cannot show you because my sister liked it so much that I gave it to her. There is an eyeliner brush, a smudger, a blending brush, a 'precise shader', a pencil brush and a larger shader brush. They are all made from synthetic bristles, did not lose their shape after washing and seem like they are nice quality.

I will tell you after testing the brushes for some time how I feel about them. For now I am really excited to use them for the first time! Have you ever tried Zoeva brushes?
Talk to you soon!

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