Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

DIY easy jewelry storage


Today I thought I'd share my storage idea for long and/or dangly jewelry with you. I hate it when my necklaces and earrings get tangled in my jewelry box. So I was looking for a way to display the pretty things and also keep them at hand without having to dig through a big lump of tangled jewelry first..

Excuse the rubbish picture, I just could not seem to get it right today..

I used an old pinboard with a wooden frame, painted it (I used gold acrylic paint but you could use any colour you like or maybe even some glitter, rhinestones,... whatever you fancy :) ) and hung my necklaces with some coloured pins from it. Of course this would work with earrings, rings, bracelets and all other things which can be pinned somehow. Even hair accessories would work well I think. Just find something pretty you have a lot of (oh boy, I think I could fill lots of pinboards with oh-so-pretty (let's be honest) clutter...)

I like that I can now see what I own because I am guilty of forgetting about my stuff, it really is true with me and my jewelry - out of sight, out of mind..

So tell me, how do you store your jewelry? I'd love to hear about your ideas!


Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

My daily make-up routine

Hi guys!

I find it really interesting to see what other girls use on a daily basis so I thought I'd share my basics with you. This is also what I would take with me when I go home for the weekend - maybe with an additional lipstick for the evening if I think about going out.

My current foundation is the YSL Touche Eclat foundation (I wear BD 10). I really like it because it has light coverage and looks very natural on the skin. It is also insanely expensive in Austria so I am not sure if I treat myself to it a second time when it is finished..
I set my foundation with the Clinique Superpowder (07 Matte Neutral) but only in the T-zone as my skin is quite dry on my cheeks but I get oily during the day on my forehead, nose and chin. If I feel like I have dark circles I will use a concealer (MAC Studiofinish Concealer palette in 'light') but on most days I just don't bother.
Then I define my brows a bit using the Alverde Eyebrow gel in '01 Blonde'. I have brunette hair but I find that the darker colour is too dark and 'Blonde' is just fine for everyday.
After that I create some sort of eyeshadow look with my MAC palette but sometimes I skip eyeshadow altogether and move straight on to eyeliner.
I use the Clarins 3-dot-liner on my upper and lower lashline and a black Khol pencil (by Catrice) only on my upper lashline.
To finish up I use the MAC lash curlers and either Essence I love extreme or Maybelline Falsies Mascara.
The brushes I use are the Paris Berlin 29 Foundation brush (I LOVE IT), MAC 217 and 239 and a Kabuki brush by Alverde.

I really do not like to wear too much make-up during the day, I hate to have to worry about touch-ups and possible smudging and these products have been working really well for me.

In the evenings I like to wear bolder looks as I tend to not be very experimental with my clothes and just stick to a few pieces I know that suit me and go for a red lip or darker eye looks instead.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my basics - I would love to hear about yours! So leave me a comment or a link to your post!Have a lovely day,


Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Tips for studying

Hi there!

I was wondering if any of you are buried in work for school, uni etc too -like I am?
It took me quite some time to find a way to study efficiently that works for me and I thought I’d share this with you - it might help someone out there.
These are just some tips that make studying easier (and a bit less annoying) for me so here we go:
1.     Create a study friendly environment:
a.     De-clutter your desk as much as you can. If there is no space for your books you cannot work properly! Try to limit the amount of things on your desk as much as possible. Usually a few pens, post-its, extra paper and your computer (if needed for internet research. If not, put it away, things like checking Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and so on are much to alluring and can keep you from working for hours) is enough. Also at least mute you mobile phone or best would be switching it off completely and only check your messages during breaks.
b.     If you want to, light a candle, have a small plant next to you, a nice picture frame or something else you like to look at but will not distract you (like a nice book would)
c.      If you know that a messy room makes you make excuses to stand up and put something away take some time to really tidy your room before you start. If you do it efficiently (and have not neglected you room until it looks like a robber’s den) one hour should be enough time.
2.     Think about the things you might need/want that make you leave you room.
a.     Have a cup of coffee/tea beside you but try to not spill it over your computer. Have a bottle of water on hand. It is important to stay hydrated if you want your brain to work properly but there is no need to run to the kitchen for every glass of water you might want to drink- It will just distract you.
b.     Do not eat a packet of crisps or a whole bar of chocolate! You will feel sick (and maybe guilty) and it does nothing good for your concentration and body. Instead try having some fresh fruit, nuts, raisins or other little snacks that are healty and help you to keep your energy and concentration.
3.     Take breaks! Let some fresh air into your room, have a little chat with your flatmates/parents/...
4.     Organise your things. Use different coloured pens for different subjects, have all the things that belong together in a different pile or box, ...
5.     Make lists. Have a to-do-list with all oft he things that need to be done, have separate lists for the subjects and the dates of the exams. Try to work out a timetable so that you have plenty of time to get everything done and do not have to work through the last three nights prior to the exam. Maybe use post-its or cards on a pinpoard with all the things you need to do which you throw away when you have completed the task. It is nice and motivating to see the workload shrink gradually.
6.     Get enough rest. Try to sleep at least 7 hours per night!
7.     Do not imprison yourself unless you want to. There is nothing wrong with meeting some friends. Just try to limit it to 2 times a week, do not stay up too late, do not drink alcohol and only meet people if you know you have time for it. Try to do it in the evening when everything else is already done or meet up with someone who has to study too and study together (but only if you know that you will really study and not only have ‚a little coffee break’)
8.     Do not study in your bed. Of course you can read through the things you worked on that day once before you go to sleep but try to stay on a desk fort he rest of the study time. Studying in you bed might make you very sleepy.
9.     If you did well and you stuck to your timetable – reward yourself for doing so! Read a book or finally buy that dress on ASOS you’ve been eyeing for the last 2 weeks. You’ve earned a little appreciation!

I hope that helped some of you, if you have some great tips or tricks please leave them in the comments I’d love to hear what you do to stay motivated!


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Zoeva Brush Haul


Recently I went online to click through some of my favourite make-up supply websites and doing so I also had a look on Zoeva. I own quite a few Zoeva brushes and I really like them! When I had a look at the site I saw that they had released a few new and re-designed some of their old brushes and I decided to buy some because the quality is usually really nice and apart from one time which I will tell you about in a minute I am really pleased with the quality.

I got some face brushes and the 'Eye Definition' set - but see for yourself:

101 Luxe Face Designer

124 Stippling
142 Concealer Buffer
102 Silk Finish

110 Face Shape
110 Face Shape vs. 102 Silk Finish

 I have washed all of them once and so far they kept their shape very well- I am a bit worried with the Luxe Face Designer as the bristles seemed to stick out a little after washing. I will see how that turns out because it was by far the most expensive one and sadly also the only one which did  not lose its yucky plastic-y smell. I hope it will all be ok, otherwise I will try and send it back. That leads to the story I wanted to tell earlier. I already have the 125 Stippling brush in a former design (I got it about two years ago I think) but never really used it because it lost so much colour when I washed it that I did not want to put it on my face. I was a little disappointed with that and decided to email to Zoeva's customer service to tell them about my problem. They were really nice and offered to give me a free 125 Stippling with my next purchase and I could also keep the old one. I thought that was really nice but did not order anything from their site until now. I did not think that their offer would still stand but decided to ask anyway and immediately they added a free stippling brush to my order although the price had increased and the design had changed too. I think that was really extremely nice and I wanted to share that with you. I think good customer service is really nice and I have never experienced anything like this from another website!

Here are some pictures for comparison of the old and current 125 Stippling brush:

above: old 125

left: new 125 right: old 125

left: old 125, right: new 125
The new brush is definitely a lot smaller and the bristles are more dense. They also told me that the old brush was not made entirely from synthetic bristles (which the new one is) and that that is why it lost colour and what made them change the design. Apparently I was not the only one to experience problems with it :)

The last thing I got was the 'Eye Definition' set. It consists of 6 brushes which come in a little pink metallic bag which I cannot show you because my sister liked it so much that I gave it to her. There is an eyeliner brush, a smudger, a blending brush, a 'precise shader', a pencil brush and a larger shader brush. They are all made from synthetic bristles, did not lose their shape after washing and seem like they are nice quality.

I will tell you after testing the brushes for some time how I feel about them. For now I am really excited to use them for the first time! Have you ever tried Zoeva brushes?
Talk to you soon!

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Discover new blogs

Well, hello there!

I thought since I really enjoy reading blogs and catching a glimpse of other people's lives - in particular if they enjoy similar things like I do - I might ask all of you to leave your site in the comments especially if you are new to blogging like I am! I love to discover new blogs and clicking through them but there are so many new ones everyday that I feel like one might miss out on some great ones! And why not start looking for something new among the lovely people who took the time to read through my blog? :)
So if you happen to read this and also have a blog / website of your own feel free to comment and let me know. I would love if you could describe your blog's topic, where you are from or whatever other little piece of detail you would like to share to make the comments more interesting.
So, if you like the idea please leave a comment and if you happen to like my blog and would like to follow me - that would be so great! If not, that is fine with me too :)

I hope you all have a lovely day!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

DIY Peter Pan collar necklace / Bubikragen Kette

Hi there!

Recently I had a few creative hours and sat down to try and replicate a necklace I had seen on a picture. I changed a few things to make it more interesting (at least I think so) and that is the result:

Retrospectively I would not have chosen the golden beads as they differ in size and make the necklace look a bit uneven. Apart from me probably no-one would ever see that but I have to say -it bothers me :)
I will still continue to wear it because I enjoy jewelry that I made myself and know to be unique but if I ever make one again I will use other beads.

So what do you say- would you wear it? Do you sometimes make jewelry yourself?


Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

My Holy Grail hair products (wavy hair)

Hi everyone!

I have been changing up my hair routine recently quite a bit because I really did not like the way my hair looked at all. I started using a few new products and I LOVE the results!

My hair is naturally quite curly in the front and a bit more relaxed and wavy in the back. It is quite long and layered and a few months ago it started getting drier and drier. It was always a bit frizzy when I let it air dry - but hey, that usually is the case with naturally curly hair - and I did not mind that too much but when I blow dried my hair it always looked like a frizzy mess although it is not too difficult to blow out my curls. I could not go out with freshly washed hair I always had to wait for at least a few hours or use A LOT of products what made my hair really greasy. I normally have to wash it every three days or so and after such a product overkill I usually had to wash it again on the next day. So I started experimenting with new conditioners and shampoos, tried some drugstore brands and some salon treatments and some helped a bit but nothing really got rid of the problem. Then I strated using an oil treatment by Glisskur because I did not want to splurge on the Kerastase treatments right away but also that did not help. I did a lot of research and found that lots of people use coconut oil, argan oil and even olive oil so I thought I'd give it a whirl. And I am glad I did because it improved my hair so much! I bought a small bottle of pure Argan oil because that is the main ingredient of the famous Moroccan oil treatment and after washing my hair (I use Lush's ' Curly wurly' shampoo and 'American Cream' conditioner) I rub 2 drops (literally!) between the palms of my hands and apply it starting from the tips up to about my ears to my hair when it is towel dry. Then I blow dry like I normally do and if I feel it is still a little dry after that I use another drop of oil in my dry hair. And I am thrilled - my hair looks a lot better now, it is smooth, shiny and soft and not frizzy at all. I also tried using the oil on my curls and that works really well too. And it is really inexpesive wich is a huge bonus considering the price of all the salon brands treatments (I paid about 8 Euros for a 100 ml bottle). The pure oil will last you for ages you really only need a tiny amount and I like that it does not have a scent to it. My conditioner has quite a strong scent and anything adding to that would be too much I think.

I really recommend trying to use Argan oil on your hair if you have a similar problem. I could see an improvement after the first time I used it and it has been getting better and better ever since.
I hope this helped some of you, if you have any questions leave them below or send me an e-mail!

See you soon,

Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

December Empties

Hello Lovelies!

These are the products I managed to use up in December. I quite liked most of them so let's have a look, shall we?

Lush American Cream conditioner:
I really really like it and a bigger bottle is already waiting in my shower. I wash my hair two to three times a week and I use my Lush conditioner everytime I do so. From time to time I use a different product from the L'oreal professional line (my hairdresser recommended it to me) to deep condition my hair, then I will of course skip my regular conditioner but while I will nor repurchase the hairmask for deep conditioning I am very happy with American Cream. It is quite thin but I like that as it makes distributing the product really easy and it smells amazing. If you don't like the scent you should look for something different though because it lingers in your hair until you wash it again!

Herbal Essences 'Viel Feuchtigkeit' shampoo:
This used to be my special occasion shampoo as it makes my hair really soft and shiny but I also noticed that it makes my hair greasy very fast so I will probably not buy it again and look for a different shampoo that has the same effect on my hair. I am yet to find my perfect shampoo. At the moment I am using 'Curly Wurly' by Lush and so far I like it.

Caudalie Vinosource Body Moisturizer:
I used two sachets of this in November and was quite pleased with it. It is not greasy on the skin, leaves it feeling really nice and has a fresh subtle scent. I got the two samples of this when I purchased the 'Eau de beauté'. (I still cannot decide if I like it to be honest). I don't think I will buy the full size though as I am quite lazy with body moisturizers and find that a cheaper product works just as well for me. I like to splurge on different things than body lotion.

Essence better than gel nails top sealer:
Love it!Makes your nailpolish dry much faster, gives a nice shine and is not expensive at all. Already repurchased it.

Vichy Normaderm pore refining serum:
As I have mentioned before the pore refining serum by Clinique did not work at all for me. This one does, at least I think I see a difference. I will repurchase it and see if my pores continue to shrink because I am still not totally happy with the results. If I don't see a major difference after the second tube I will stop using it. I think 4 months should be enough to see a noticeable difference in your skin.

Elmex 'Intensiv Reinigung'
I do not use teeth whitening products because I have very sensitive teeth and thy are not really discoloured to begin with but I occasionally use this product when I fell like my teeth need extra cleaning (after a day of chocolate over indulgence for example--) and I like that it makes your teeth feel super clean and fresh. So I will repurchase that.

Guhl 'Feuchtigkeits Balance' leave in coditioner:
I liked that product a lot! I have naturally wavy hair that is dry, especially my ends are. I used it on mornings inbetween washes to freshen up my curls and it worked quite well for me. However, I will not repurchase it because I found my hair miracle - Argan oil! I will do a separate post on that when I know if it is really working but for now I am thrilled with the results!

So that's it for my empties this month. Which products have you used up lately?
Have a lovely day!