Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Tips for studying

Hi there!

I was wondering if any of you are buried in work for school, uni etc too -like I am?
It took me quite some time to find a way to study efficiently that works for me and I thought I’d share this with you - it might help someone out there.
These are just some tips that make studying easier (and a bit less annoying) for me so here we go:
1.     Create a study friendly environment:
a.     De-clutter your desk as much as you can. If there is no space for your books you cannot work properly! Try to limit the amount of things on your desk as much as possible. Usually a few pens, post-its, extra paper and your computer (if needed for internet research. If not, put it away, things like checking Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and so on are much to alluring and can keep you from working for hours) is enough. Also at least mute you mobile phone or best would be switching it off completely and only check your messages during breaks.
b.     If you want to, light a candle, have a small plant next to you, a nice picture frame or something else you like to look at but will not distract you (like a nice book would)
c.      If you know that a messy room makes you make excuses to stand up and put something away take some time to really tidy your room before you start. If you do it efficiently (and have not neglected you room until it looks like a robber’s den) one hour should be enough time.
2.     Think about the things you might need/want that make you leave you room.
a.     Have a cup of coffee/tea beside you but try to not spill it over your computer. Have a bottle of water on hand. It is important to stay hydrated if you want your brain to work properly but there is no need to run to the kitchen for every glass of water you might want to drink- It will just distract you.
b.     Do not eat a packet of crisps or a whole bar of chocolate! You will feel sick (and maybe guilty) and it does nothing good for your concentration and body. Instead try having some fresh fruit, nuts, raisins or other little snacks that are healty and help you to keep your energy and concentration.
3.     Take breaks! Let some fresh air into your room, have a little chat with your flatmates/parents/...
4.     Organise your things. Use different coloured pens for different subjects, have all the things that belong together in a different pile or box, ...
5.     Make lists. Have a to-do-list with all oft he things that need to be done, have separate lists for the subjects and the dates of the exams. Try to work out a timetable so that you have plenty of time to get everything done and do not have to work through the last three nights prior to the exam. Maybe use post-its or cards on a pinpoard with all the things you need to do which you throw away when you have completed the task. It is nice and motivating to see the workload shrink gradually.
6.     Get enough rest. Try to sleep at least 7 hours per night!
7.     Do not imprison yourself unless you want to. There is nothing wrong with meeting some friends. Just try to limit it to 2 times a week, do not stay up too late, do not drink alcohol and only meet people if you know you have time for it. Try to do it in the evening when everything else is already done or meet up with someone who has to study too and study together (but only if you know that you will really study and not only have ‚a little coffee break’)
8.     Do not study in your bed. Of course you can read through the things you worked on that day once before you go to sleep but try to stay on a desk fort he rest of the study time. Studying in you bed might make you very sleepy.
9.     If you did well and you stuck to your timetable – reward yourself for doing so! Read a book or finally buy that dress on ASOS you’ve been eyeing for the last 2 weeks. You’ve earned a little appreciation!

I hope that helped some of you, if you have some great tips or tricks please leave them in the comments I’d love to hear what you do to stay motivated!


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