Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

My Holy Grail hair products (wavy hair)

Hi everyone!

I have been changing up my hair routine recently quite a bit because I really did not like the way my hair looked at all. I started using a few new products and I LOVE the results!

My hair is naturally quite curly in the front and a bit more relaxed and wavy in the back. It is quite long and layered and a few months ago it started getting drier and drier. It was always a bit frizzy when I let it air dry - but hey, that usually is the case with naturally curly hair - and I did not mind that too much but when I blow dried my hair it always looked like a frizzy mess although it is not too difficult to blow out my curls. I could not go out with freshly washed hair I always had to wait for at least a few hours or use A LOT of products what made my hair really greasy. I normally have to wash it every three days or so and after such a product overkill I usually had to wash it again on the next day. So I started experimenting with new conditioners and shampoos, tried some drugstore brands and some salon treatments and some helped a bit but nothing really got rid of the problem. Then I strated using an oil treatment by Glisskur because I did not want to splurge on the Kerastase treatments right away but also that did not help. I did a lot of research and found that lots of people use coconut oil, argan oil and even olive oil so I thought I'd give it a whirl. And I am glad I did because it improved my hair so much! I bought a small bottle of pure Argan oil because that is the main ingredient of the famous Moroccan oil treatment and after washing my hair (I use Lush's ' Curly wurly' shampoo and 'American Cream' conditioner) I rub 2 drops (literally!) between the palms of my hands and apply it starting from the tips up to about my ears to my hair when it is towel dry. Then I blow dry like I normally do and if I feel it is still a little dry after that I use another drop of oil in my dry hair. And I am thrilled - my hair looks a lot better now, it is smooth, shiny and soft and not frizzy at all. I also tried using the oil on my curls and that works really well too. And it is really inexpesive wich is a huge bonus considering the price of all the salon brands treatments (I paid about 8 Euros for a 100 ml bottle). The pure oil will last you for ages you really only need a tiny amount and I like that it does not have a scent to it. My conditioner has quite a strong scent and anything adding to that would be too much I think.

I really recommend trying to use Argan oil on your hair if you have a similar problem. I could see an improvement after the first time I used it and it has been getting better and better ever since.
I hope this helped some of you, if you have any questions leave them below or send me an e-mail!

See you soon,

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