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January and February Empties

Ladies- I now present you - once again - a glimpse into my trashcan:)

I always feel slightly stupid when I keep products that should go into the bin, take photos of them and show them on the Internet. But then again I like writing these mini reviews and I also very much enjoy reading other people's posts about their empty beauty products.

So, let's get started!

Elmex Mouthwash

I really like it and have already repurchased it. I use it twice a day after brushing and flossing my teeth and it leaves your mouth feeling very clean and fresh without burning like hell (hello Listerine..)

Elmex Toothpaste

Love it and used it ever since I had teeth. I always have this one at my sink and I keep a different one in my shower. I am not fussy about the toothpaste in my shower I always switch that one up and try different ones but I have to have Elmex at my sink. Always. It cleans very well, has a nice taste and when I asked my dentist which toothpaste he would recommend he told me this one.

Ebelin  acetone free nail polish remover for sensitive nails

I like it. It is cheap and it works. I hate the smell though but I guess that is kind of the same with all of them. Already repurchased.

Garnier Mineral invisiDry deodorant

It works and I like it and have not used anything else for years (switched it up a bit within the range though) but I would like to try something more natural without Aluminium as that is meant to be a controversial ingredient in deodorants because it might be associated with breast cancer. I am not sure how serious I should take that but if I can avoid it - why not? When I have used up my backup I will purchase something else.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara

I really liked it but i like the Maybelline Falsies Mascara just as much (and their wand also look kind of similar to me) so I will keep repurchasing the Maybelline one since it is much, much cheaper. But it is a really good mascara I think!

Yves Rocher Hamamélis shower gel for sensitive skin

Nice shower gel with a subtle clean smell but again I really don't care too much about shower gel. I am fussy about shampoo and conditioner but I will wash my body with anything you give me. If I like the smell I will most likely like the product too. I have not come across am shower gel I did not like apart from the smell yet.

Vichy Normaderm "Global  anti-imperfection hydrating care"

Decent moisturizer, right now I am using La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo and when this one runs out I will repurchase one of them but I am not sure which one it will we. Until now I liked both.

Clinique "take the day off" cleansing milk

I am so glad that this is finally empty! I hated it! It left a very unpleasant residue on my skin even after rinsing it several times with water, it stung my eyes and it did not work that great I think. I will not repurchase that, for sure. I now use bioderma, an eye makeup remover by Sephora and my Normaderm cleanser for taking off my makeup and that works really well.

Dr. Hauschka "Gesichtstonikum" toner

I got a sample of this in a skincare sample kit for Christmas and used it when I went home for the weekend. It was nice and didn't dry out my skin. I did not like the smell though. But I don't use toner anyway so I will not buy the full size product.

Montagne jeunesse Anti Stress sheet mask with green mint anf teatree oil

I had a horrible allergic reaction to this. My face turned bright red withing seconds, it stung and although I removed it instantly I had red sore spots on my face for three days. Not very pretty I tell you. And I have never had any problems with teatree oil or mint. It does say something like 'test before use' on the sachet but be honest-how are you supposed to test a sheet mask? Of coure I could have opened it, rubbed a little bit of the fluid into my skin, sellotape the sachet so that it doesn't dry out, wait for 24 h and the applied it. Be honest girls - who would have done that? Well, I should have and I think I will be scared of sheet masks from now on and most certainly will not repurchase. Or any other mask from that brand.

I hope I could help some of you with my mini reviews. If you've done a similar post or have a question just leave it below.
Have a nice day!!!


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